Who the heck is Eric Coffin? How does he know before the market does, before other analysts and newsletter writers do?

Well, it’s not a crystal ball or a Ouija board. It’s hard work. The secret of HRA’s success is the background of its editor Eric Coffin. Eric was born in a mining town and raised by a mining executive. Prior to starting the Hard Rock Analyst newsletter in 1995, Eric and his late brother David ran an exploration consulting firm. This background of real practical experience helps Eric spot winners early and avoids some of the losers. Thirty years in the industry means Eric has a huge personal contact list. He knows who to call to find out what is hot and what’s not in different areas and he knows which management teams have what it takes to succeed in a tough unforgiving business. Eric’s lifelong study of markets and economics adds macro insight to the editorial side of the newsletters. Eric and his late brother David were early proponents of the commodity super cycle and correctly called a rapid turn in the markets and positioned readers in early 2009 when most commentators were expecting years of bear markets. This broad experience and hard work helped to generate an average gain of over 200% for nearly 100 companies tracked in the 2003-2013 period, including over 20 that were taken over by larger companies.


ERIC COFFIN. Hard Rock Analyst. Market AdvisorsEric has a B. Comm. degree in Corporate and Investment Finance. He has extensive experience in merger and acquisitions and small company financing and promotion. He has helped found several junior explorers over the years and advised many others. While running an exploration consulting firm with his late brother David, Eric also experienced plenty of field activity in a “hands on” way, including claim staking, soil geochemical and geophysical surveying, as well as prospecting. He has been interviewed on several Canadian and US business television programs, as well as on numerous North American and European radio stations. He has been interviewed by and contributed to numerous international websites and news services providing commentary on finance, economics, markets and individual companies and exploration regions. Eric regularly speaks at a number of North American gold and resource conferences. He was one of the first analysts (along with David) to point out the disastrous effects of gold hedging and gold loan capital financing (1997) and to predict the start of the secular commodity bull market in commodities based on the movement of the US Dollar (2001) and the acceleration of growth in Asia and India.

Eric’s brother, David Coffin, was the co-editor and co-founder of HRA until his tragic and untimely death in 2012.

To learn more about David and his causes please click here.


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