Navigating the Crossroads: Reflections on Gold, AI, and Market Dynamics

From the HRA Special Delivery: Issue 1252 While gold continues to fight back and hold the +$2000 price range, sentiment is bad.  It’s hard to compete with AI and chip companies that add market cap equivalent to the GDP of many countries in a single day.  I really don’t like the idea of an “us […]

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Start of 2024 Market Comments

From the HRA Special Delivery: Issue 1238 Happy New Year!  As it turned out, I was not able to organize the planned zoom call with LUCA. We couldn’t make dates work and Struthers had software and hardware issues. We will be doing that on Tuesday, but it’s getting pretty silly waiting for it. I plan […]

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Goldilocks Returns

From the HRA Special Delivery: Issue 1225 – Nov. 29, 2023 The past week had one of the biggest changes in market tone we have seen for a long time.  The change is exemplified by Wall Street’s recent nemesis, the 10-year yield.  The chart below shows the steep pullback in the past few sessions.  As […]

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Metals Investor Forum

The Metals Investor Forum offers you the chance to connect with the management teams of some of the top companies in the industry. Each company is selected by one of our newsletter writers to ensure that all of our exhibitors are high caliber.

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What’s great about the “Hard Rock Analyst” is that it is a junior mining-centered letter that an experienced geologist will get all the data he would need from, but the average punter who doesn’t know graben from gravel can also, almost understand. To us with the boom in the junior mining sector right now, its mandatory reading and if you aren’t receiving it yet… you should. – David Pescod, Editor,
– Dave Pescod’s Stocktalk – Late Edition

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