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Eye of the Beholder

From the HRA Journal: Issue 312

How about that SPX eh? Ever since the start of October it seems Wall St can do no wrong. US metrics have improved some and impeachment is a non-event as the US Senate would never vote for it. Both of those things calmed traders. Calm enough that they suddenly don't seem concerned about the US-China trade deal. That's convenient, since it looks like that deal almost certainly won't happen now. A lot of traders are also bullish because the US yield curve has largely un-inverted. That just tells me a lot of traders don't understand yield inversions as a signal (spoiler alert-sudden steepening after an inversion is not a good thing).

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Jay’s Got Your Back

From the HRA Journal: Issue 311

FOMO is back on Wall St, so are positive liquidity flows. Nothing else seems to matter much, as traders know Powell is going to give them the rate cut they want this week. The announcement will take some careful scripting, traders will be saying "what have you done for me lately?" about five minutes after the announcement. I really don't think the FOMC is in the mood to promise or imply more rate cuts, but they'll try not to be too obvious about that.

All that sunny positivity on Wall St hasn't been helping the gold price. It's very much a risk on market, and that doesn't drive traders to want more bullion. Gold's not trading terribly, but it does look like it's going to drop through support so we could have choppy seas for another few weeks. Bullion does tend to do better towards year-end, so there's that.

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Conflicting Signals

From the HRA Journal: Issue 310

It's not getting any less weird out there, that's for sure. We saw continued deterioration in several US economic metrics, but some stabilization elsewhere. There was enough "bad news is good news if it keeps bond yields low" vibe to maintain the SPX near its highs. That's impressive given how much traders could worry about if they had a mind to.

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Down the Rabbit Hole

From the HRA Journal: Issue 309

We're in the midst of what I think is a fairly minor, and expected, gold correction. Junior resource traders, of course, are acting like the world is coming to an end. Multiyear bear markets are bound to make one defensive.

Major market traders seem pretty calm given so many people are suddenly talking about an impending recession. I still think we will probably see one but, like any good contrarian, I'm not liking how much company I suddenly have in thinking that. There is no evidence markets are trading based on that recession assumption though. I guess comments about it are just lip service for most.

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The Adjustment Bureau

From the HRA Journal: Issue 308

Trade wars and geopolitics, along with signs of decelerating economies around the globe, continue to support bullion prices. The new gold bull market is very much official now. Even if we get some near-term pullback-and we should hope for one-I think the die is cast.

Equities have been fairly calm, given all the craziness at a political level. Falling bond yields have cushioned the stock market, though you can see traders-final--starting to ask themselves WHY yields are so weak everywhere. Expect volatility to be high for an extended period.

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It’s On (For Gold, At Least)

From the HRA Journal: Issue 306




Did I mention gold?

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Loose Cannon

From the HRA Journal: Issue 305

Saved by the bell, or the tweet I should say. I was putting this extended version to bed when US President Trump decided he'd go after yet another major trading partner.

That was a little too much for Wall St, and finally generated enough concern to flatten bond yields, again, and generate strong buying that lifted gold prices back through $1300/oz. At this point, it's a bounce, not a trend, but I think gold now goes higher if we don't quickly see a moderation in the multi-front trade war Trump seems committed to.

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Floatation Device

From the HRA Journal: Issue 304

What, me worry? Wall St continues to be remarkably calm in the face of a blow up of China-US trade talks. Trump is now threatening to raise tariffs on ALL Chinese imports to 25%. No one knows if that is just bluster – Wall St seems to assume it is – but that seems like an over-optimistic assumption with this particular President.

Lack of fear and a less accommodating US Federal Reserve continues to weigh on resources and especially on gold. We may see a little more base metal weakness to go with it if the trade war really heats up, I’m not sure new tariffs will really impact base metal demand in China but a lot of traders surely think it will, which amounts to the same thing in practice, in the short run at least. Most of the biggest Chinese exports to the US (like mobile phones) are relatively light users of metals. The actual impact on base metal demand will be smaller than the feared impact, but it’s the latter that will drive trading I’m afraid.

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A Self-Dealing Market

From the HRA Journal: Issue 303

The editorial in this issue deals with a subject that I think is too ignored. It's one of THE main reasons for the current bull market in NY but rarely gets talked about, and almost never gets talked about for what it truly is, which is a form of insider trading. I don't want to sound like I condone insider trading. But I do get sick of Wall St being holier than thou when it comes to junior markets. Wall St has no reason to feel virtuous. To paraphrase the old saying in tech- when it comes to Wall St, insider trading isn't a bug, it's a feature.

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From the HRA Journal: Issue 302

The FOMC cranked up the dovishness yesterday, after I’d finished the editorial naturally. It’s really just more of the same and doesn’t change the message, just reinforces it. Added dovishness has given gold a bounce, but it’s still fighting against the extreme “risk on” stance on Wall St. Traders just don’t care that the Fed is clearly worried about a substantial economic slowdown.

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