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The HRA Journal is our base subscription level. You'll receive 22 issues per year of the Hard Rock Analyst Journal, the esteemed newsletter about markets and resource stocks that has been published continuously since 1995.

About the Journal

The Journal is a twice monthly publication covering the resource sector along with more general commentary on metals, markets and the economy. The Journal is where you will find Extended Reviews of individual companies. These are several pages long, including information on a company's projects, management and finances.

The Journal covers a mix of companies from early stage explorers to more advanced companies adding value by increasing the size of their deposits and moving them towards production, plus a few companies already in production.

Development and production level companies tend to be less volatile but still have significant leverage to commodity price moves and asset growth but HRA certainly doesn't ignore explorers. Every year, the Journal introduces readers to select companies that are seeking new deposits. This is where the hands on experience of HRA's editor can really pay off.

Eric looks for companies with sound and experienced management that are working on projects with big target potential and that either have the money on hand to explore or the track record to be able to finance. Exploration is a high risk game but a company that makes a bona fide discovery with real size potential can see its market value expand by an order of magnitude.

We don't just pick companies then forget them. Every issue of the Journal contains several pages of updates about HRA list companies. And when a stock has reached or exceeded full value or there are good reasons to sell it, that's what the update will say.

In addition to all of this, each issue contains insightful commentary on the geopolitical and economic forces affecting the markets and regular updates on the state of the market for resources in general and specific commodities in particular. HRA was among the first to detail the enormous changes that would be driven by BRIC country growth and why the mining sector would struggle to keep up. When most commentators were expecting years of market pain in early 2009, HRA was selecting high impact exploration and development stories that would soon deliver gains to subscribers in the hundreds of percent such as Cons. Thompson Iron Mines (CLM-T), taken over at a 300% gain to Journal subscribers just 18 months later and Mirasol Resources (MRZ-V) introduced to subscribers before its first high grade silver discover would rocket the share price as much as 1400% higher in less than two years.

Like Buying Blue Chip Shares at a Huge Discount

Many of the companies HRA follows have had enormous exploration success. Acquiring superior exploration companies early is one of the best ways to end up owning world class resource producers at a steep discount. No less than 20 companies that HRA has initiated coverage on in the past decade have been taken over by larger companies.

Many resource newsletters pick a giant list of stocks and sit back and hope one of them hits something. HRA takes a more focused approach, trying to keep the coverage list small while introducing readers to the best companies in many different subsectors. HRA offers you a wealth of insight into the markets, the economy and the companies with the highest potential to deliver the largest gains in the exploration sector. Its insight worth many times is pennies a day cost that you should not be without.

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HRA Testimonials

HRA is great at getting the "real" story out on resource companies by doing their due diligence and keeping on top of maps, news releases and corporate development. I highly recommend any investor whether it be an institutional client or private investor.