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How HRA covers (and uncovers) winning stories!

Any publication can point to a couple of stocks that went up and say "we mentioned that" and claim it for their own. That's not what HRA is about. When they start following a company they'll tell you WHY they think it can be a big win, WHAT it needs to make it and HOW it will get there. Just as important, they then follow the company and provide updates as things progress. HRA doesn't just mention a couple of hundred names and then arm wave about a few that go up later. Companies are followed as the individual stories they are.

Follow the links below to see "case studies" of four different companies. Each had its own style, working in different areas on different types of projects. They all had one thing in common though - HRA thought they had what it took to succeed. Not just the management but the prospects and the financing abilities that allowed them to seize on success when the time came.

You see, generating gains is not about seeing value after the fact, but about anticipating it. That's the toughest part of the game and why HRA's 50 plus years of direct resource industry experience is such an asset. As you'll see from the pages on each company, we were the first analysts to cover one of these companies, one of only a couple of follow another (before its discovery; we had plenty of company later) and the first to see the enormous potential value in the early results of the third. Is HRA right all the time? Of course not. But the winners outweigh the losers in both number and the magnitude of the gains. With HRA, real experience helps discover value before the market, and profit from it when everyone else realizes what you already know.

Follow the links below for examples of HRA's coverage for each of these four companies.

Minefinders Corp. LTD (MFL-TSX)

When the long bear market in gold and silver was drawing to a close in 2001 HRA went looking for survivors; companies with superior gold/silver resources that we thought could lead the junior gold sector out of the wilderness. One of our first choices was Minefinders Corp. Minefinders had a good looking resource at its Dolores project in Mexico. The dollar value of the resource was about evenly split between gold and silver so we expected it to respond well to price gains for either metal. More importantly, the resource had room to grow and had high grade targets that were virtually untested. The technical management of the company was good and it was one of the few juniors that had managed to get through the horrible market of 1997-2002 without completely blowing out its share structure. It had all the pieces in place to gain value in a precious metal bull market. More Information

Consolidated Thompson Iron Mines (CLM-TSX)

In early 2009 things were looking as grim for the mining sector as they were for the market as a whole. While most market observers were calling for years of pain, HRA thought differently. China was gearing up massive infrastructure spending and we expected metals and bulk materials to recover quickly. We went looking for strong exploration stories and special situations. One such special situation was Consolidated Thompson Iron Mines (CLM-T). CLM had developed the Bloom Lake iron ore deposit in the Labrador Trough and started construction of a mine. It needed a lot more funds to complete it and the financial crisis had closed traditional financial channels. Note that the HRA comments below are just a subset of the ongoing coverage our readers enjoyed as this story developed.  More Information

Virginia Gold Mines (VIA–TSX)

Virginia Gold Mines has been quite a win it’s been for HRA readers.

We’ve added some earlier comments on Virginia to show how it was followed as events developed. It’ s been successful in the long term for Journal readers and an even more explosive short term win for Special Delivery and Dispatch subscribers.  More Information


MAG Silver was added to the HRA list soon after its listing. HRA knew some of the principals and recognized the combination of strong market players, some of the most knowledgeable geologists working in Mexico and a suite of district scale silver plays looked like an unbeatable combination. HRA followed the company through initial successes, refinement of its exploration methods and more recent attention grabbing results. All the while, HRA was spotting the best entry points for subscribers.


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HRA is great at getting the "real" story out on resource companies by doing their due diligence and keeping on top of maps, news releases and corporate development. I highly recommend any investor whether it be an institutional client or private investor.